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Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Wonders of Canvas Print

Decorating your home can be hectic but lot of fun, especially if you know what you really want. Among the different components that need careful planning are definitely the walls for which the ideas can be many, but making them unique, quite challenging.  One way to make it easy is by using canvas prints. Canvas prints may sound really simple, but they can transform a simple wall into a stylish, personalised space of art.

There are several options to choose from – a simple single canvas print, split canvas print, collage (of wedding, family, pets), and much more. You can try the new Acrylic Glass prints that are light but have a spectacular finish. These are ideal for wet spaces like bathrooms. Metal prints are well suited for hot spaces like the kitchen or outdoor areas. It gives an urban, but sophisticated look. Apps are available for you to play around with the themes, frames, and colors to give that special touch. You also have the option of choosing pictures from the gallery to match them to your house in terms of space, theme, and color. Options are endless…let your imagination run wild! Whether it is your home or office space, if you want the walls to look unique and reflect your style, you must definitely give canvas prints a try. 

There are several companies that provide amazing canvas prints at affordable rates. All you need to do is upload your picture, decide on the size, and place the order. It gets delivered in no time and bingo! they are ready to transform your home. There is no limit to your creativity; you just have to imagine and watch them materialise in print. How much simpler can it get! Fast Canvas, Canvas Factory, Print on Canvas, Photo on Canvas @Deko Canvas are some among the many companies to choose from for quality service at affordable rates.

Each house has a story to tell so, open up your world and let the prints speak. Showcase your special moments, milestones achieved, family get-togethers with not just one, but a combination of elements where each picture unravels a different you. You can tug at heartstrings, share memories or showcase your true self through the pictures alone.

Stop speaking; let the pictures do the talking. Invite your friends/loved ones over and watch them get carried away as they connect to a new you. Such is the wonder of canvas prints.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Memories on canvas

Decorating a new home is quite taxing these days. Moving into your own house or re-doing it for a special occasion is not half as easy as it may sound. There are too many things to organise to give it the look that you have long desired for. It requires paying attention to the walls, to the accessories, to the colors, and much more. Let's talk a little more about creating magic on the walls.

For many, simply choosing a particular shade for the walls in different rooms is just about enough. But there are those who don't leave at just that. They want to do that extra bit to make it look different, look unique. So what are the options that we have for the walls? Wallpapers, photo frames, wall stickers and prints, and of course, not to forget photo prints on canvas. Canvas prints are fast catching up as a quick and easy way for wall decoration. This is not new, but like everything else, there are different ways to ensure that these can add that Midas touch to your wall if done creatively.

Canvas printing in Singapore is not new and brings to mind several companies that offer stunning prints at an affordable price. Among the more popular ones is Fast Canvas, who have been in the business of canvas printing for about seven years now. They are reliable, professional, and offer amazing customer service. The procedure is hassle free—upload a picture or choose a picture from their gallery, choose a size, and place the order. Can it get simpler than this! They also print gallery wrap canvas that provides a 3D effect to your picture so that the finished product is neat and professional.  They use 100 percent imported cotton canvas, so you can rest assured that the quality is best in the market in terms of color and texture, and therefore the prints are incredible. Customer reviews reiterate the premium quality service they offer. They understand that pictures are linked to emotions and memories so they ensure that they transform the memories to last a lifetime.

Every canvas has a story to tell—it could be a milestone achievement, a momentous event, or a special family gathering. All this and more can be combined together to create a story and open your world to the walls to stay with you forever.
Sunday, February 14, 2016

Canvas Prints - What Makes Them Special?

An enviable option that allows you to surround yourself with professional prints that could be masterful copies of works of art or digital prints of the photographs of your family and friends, canvas prints have bridged the gap between affordable art and not-so-perfect copies of photos taken by regular cameras. You can turn the walls of your living room into your own Instagram at home by placing canvas prints of your memories on it. At a cost that is affordable and the quality that is nearly equal to the original, what's not to like about the canvas prints?
What makes the canvas prints special is the flexibility they offer in terms of print quality, the color contrast and the sizes that they are available in. At prices that are totally affordable and the images packed in stretched or traditional framing patterns, there are great options of canvas prints to choose from. The canvas prints can be adjusted to any decor that you prefer, whether it is classic ornate, contemporary minimalist or relaxed rustic. The fact that the same canvas print can be adjusted into any of these decorative patterns is a definite plus.
Earlier thought to be only suitable for painting and sketching, the canvas is now extensively used for printing and framing because of its cost effective nature combined with visually striking printing that can be achieved on it. Available in types like polyester, polyester cotton and cotton, the color consistency of canvas is quite good. With the inkjet printing, the pixel size is small enough on the canvas to give an impression of a real painting. Even the photos printed on it are so clear and reflective of the real colors that photo studios are increasingly offering canvas printing as a popular option.
You can even choose to print text on the canvas prints. The variety of fonts, sizes and colors available in canvas printing makes it an interesting choice for decor and for highlighting an area in a workplace, restaurant or bar. With top quality canvasses and the durable nature of the print, it is easy to see why canvas prints are preferred by many.
With minimal care over the years, canvas prints can help you preserve your fondest memories and favorite pieces of art for long periods of time. Since they are resistant to regular wear and tear, they can be placed in rooms or corridors with equal ease. Their versatility is another factor that makes canvas prints special.
Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Canvas Prints - The Next Choice For Home Decor

Decorating our homes with beautiful pieces of art is a desire many of us harbor but the prohibitive cost of prints and the frames that will do justice to them stops many of us. With canvas prints that desire can be turned into reality. You can choose your favorite artwork, get it printed on canvas and hang it on your wall, all at an affordable cost and enjoy it for years to come. And what's more, you can even have canvas prints of the photographs that you have clicked yourself, of friends and family or your favorite locations as features on your wall.
Canvas not just allows you to have visually striking prints on your walls but it also gives you the chance to personalize your walls without compromising on the quality of the display. Digital photographs and prints on canvas are stylish alternatives to expensive art which not many of us can afford. Whether your choice runs into portraits or still life by exponents, landscapes or modern art, or even if you want photos of self and family, there is no affordable alternative that delivers as good a quality as canvas prints.
Canvas prints are prepared by reproducing designs and photographs on canvas through specially designed inkjet printers that offer a contrast of colors such that there is no discernible difference between the originals and the copies/prints. These custom prints can be designed in varying dimensions to suit the needs of all, some latest canvas prints can even be reproduced into wallpapers to decorate feature walls in your house. With the image and clarity that modern technologically advanced printers offer, it is hard to make out the difference between the original and a copy on canvas print.
One of the few things that you need to take care of before planning on a canvas print is the space where the print will be installed. Since canvas prints can be custom built, you can order any dimensions, be it for area under the stairs or the wall next to the window. You can also choose the frame for your canvas print, whether you want the conventional look or the three dimensional hand stretched look. For greater image quality and durability, stress on the pure white cotton canvas for printing, since it lasts the longest. Lastly, choose a printer or a studio that has experienced technicians  who will offer you customization depending on your needs.
Thursday, February 4, 2016

Fast Canvas - why customers keep buying from us