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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Canvas Prints - What Makes Them Special?

An enviable option that allows you to surround yourself with professional prints that could be masterful copies of works of art or digital prints of the photographs of your family and friends, canvas prints have bridged the gap between affordable art and not-so-perfect copies of photos taken by regular cameras. You can turn the walls of your living room into your own Instagram at home by placing canvas prints of your memories on it. At a cost that is affordable and the quality that is nearly equal to the original, what's not to like about the canvas prints?
What makes the canvas prints special is the flexibility they offer in terms of print quality, the color contrast and the sizes that they are available in. At prices that are totally affordable and the images packed in stretched or traditional framing patterns, there are great options of canvas prints to choose from. The canvas prints can be adjusted to any decor that you prefer, whether it is classic ornate, contemporary minimalist or relaxed rustic. The fact that the same canvas print can be adjusted into any of these decorative patterns is a definite plus.
Earlier thought to be only suitable for painting and sketching, the canvas is now extensively used for printing and framing because of its cost effective nature combined with visually striking printing that can be achieved on it. Available in types like polyester, polyester cotton and cotton, the color consistency of canvas is quite good. With the inkjet printing, the pixel size is small enough on the canvas to give an impression of a real painting. Even the photos printed on it are so clear and reflective of the real colors that photo studios are increasingly offering canvas printing as a popular option.
You can even choose to print text on the canvas prints. The variety of fonts, sizes and colors available in canvas printing makes it an interesting choice for decor and for highlighting an area in a workplace, restaurant or bar. With top quality canvasses and the durable nature of the print, it is easy to see why canvas prints are preferred by many.
With minimal care over the years, canvas prints can help you preserve your fondest memories and favorite pieces of art for long periods of time. Since they are resistant to regular wear and tear, they can be placed in rooms or corridors with equal ease. Their versatility is another factor that makes canvas prints special.


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