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Thursday, March 17, 2016


Canvas printing is the new form of art. It is the printed version of an image into a canvas which is then stretched or gallery-wrapped into a photo-frame. It can be used for decorating your house-hold and also for advertisement.

Instead of just printing photo onto canvas and putting it inside a frame, different designs can be thought of to make it more innovative and stylish.

A collage of a few photos can be canvas printed to bring a variation. Also, when you are confused about which one to choose, you can select all of them! For a girl's bed-room, the wall can be decorated with a collage of the photos of the different shades of her character. The first one may feature her smiling face, the second one may show her pondering deeply, third one can be a ravishingly hot one…taken at some party; the fourth one may portray her simplicity and innocence. As for wedding photography, the collage can be made of photos where bride and groom strike different kinds of poses.

You can decorate the wall of your master bed-room with the photos of the different family members. One photo can be that of the father, the second one can be that of the mother and the remaining two of the two children.  The centrally located photo can be a group photo or family photo.

Also, you can insert a heart icon as one of the photos in the collage. This will add a new dimension to the canvas print.

Customized borders can be given to the photos while processing them. After that, they can be canvas printed. You can choose the color of your choice along with a suitable design for the border or margin.  Different patterns and motifs can be printed instead of photographs to enhance the design factor. You can think of flowers, stars, polka dots, ribbons and many more. The frame can be modified into a different shape as a part of the off-bit design.

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