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Sunday, March 6, 2016

How To Make A Canvas Photo Collage?

A photo collage is a combination of memories, memories of time with you family or friends, memories of the growing years of your kids or the progress of your happy married life, memories of places you have visited or the vents in your life that have been personal milestones of you. Among the many memories that you have collected, it is best to choose the ones that have some common thread running through them, if threading them together in a collage is your intention. You can, of course, go for more than one collages for various images that you have in mind, but the process of making a canvas photo collage remains almost the same.

Among one of the first things that you do, choose a contrast of colors among the photographs that you plan to group together. Ensure that each one of them is a clear, concise image with most of the details in the centre of the frame, rather than on the sides. This will become particularly important of you are planning to get the collage gallery wrapped because in the gallery wrapping the print is wrapped around the wooden frame and the details on the corners tend to get lost.

Ensure that the size of most of the photos is similar, if not the same. You can choose one or two photos which are considerably larger than the others for the dramatic effect but their placement has to be such that they do not take away from the beauty of the other pictures. You can experiment with enhancing the sizes of some to make the arrangement more attractive, but clarity should be the mainstay in all. Ensure that none of the photos seem overly enlarged and unnatural from any angle. Check the prototype before ordering the final print.

The positioning of the pictures also becomes important while you are choosing the framing options. If you want to opt for the conventional two dimensional frame, check that the frame border is dramatic and contrasting enough to bring out each picture in the collage. If your choice is the gallery wrap then the photos bordering the frame have to be colorful and detailed enough to justify that choice. Since canvas prints have good life in them, they do not fade or show age like conventional the conventional prints, choose the frames and the border shades that will last as long. Get the collage printed from a reputed studio and enjoy the memories of a lifetime!


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