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Monday, April 25, 2016

Canvas Printing - Is It An Art Or A Science?

Canvas prints are the closest thing to affordable art. Works of arts, masterpieces in the museums are for all to see but very few can own them. With the science involved in inkjet printing on canvas, yes, the same canvas that is the medium of expression for painters around the world, the expensive, exclusive works of art have now become available to the masses. So, what would you call the process of canvas printing then - an Art or Science?

Canvas printing does include both art and science. The paintings, designs, photographs of loved ones, holidays or your favorite places on earth; the combination of lighting, precision of capturing the details on paper all involve an eye for the art. The visualization of perceptions, emotions and aspirations on paper/canvas is brought about by science. How the combination of art and science can beautify your house and your surroundings and give you pleasure for years to come is the magic of canvas printing.

Canvas printing uses the same canvas as, or at times material similar to, the painter’s canvas. The quality of canvas determines the clarity of print in part, the rest of it is determined by the resolution of the inkjet printer used to print on canvas. The printing process and the printers used for canvas printing are advanced enough to bring out the color contrasts, the image details and the intensity of emotions on canvas. With subtle framing details, size options and the purpose for which the canvas print is made, the customers can opt for any number of combinations available. The end result is a work of art very close to the original.

The fact that canvas prints can be used in homes, in offices or places of work like bars, restaurants, studios, in advertising campaigns, for important events in life like weddings and baby showers, make them an interesting addition to the visual display media. With methods like gallery wrapping, an option that only the canvas printing provides, you can get a three dimensional effect to your pictures and photographs that add to the designer decor of your living spaces. With some planning, you can truly bring the wow factor in your canvas prints, something that other methods of printing are not yet capable of.

So, enjoy the pleasure of this unique combination of art and science; through canvas printing famous pieces of art can truly be yours!


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